Why Cyber Schools

Cyber schools are public charter schools that teach outside of the traditional classroom setting. A large portion of classes are taught online, but many cyber schools also offer supplemental in-person courses—or “blended learning”—giving students options for hands-on instruction.

Because they are accessible via the internet, cyber schools have several advantages over traditional public schools. All 16 of Pennsylvania’s cyber schools are available in any state school district, giving students in remote rural areas more learning opportunities or those in troubled inner cities an escape from consistently failing or violent public schools.

With cyber schools, children can pace themselves differently in their subjects, tailoring teaching to their individual learning needs. Such flexibility particularly helps kids too sick to learn in a rigidly scheduled traditional school, like Alyssa. They also benefit talented students who learn quickly, and who want time to develop other skills through sports or performing arts, like Hannah.

Just like traditional public schools, Pennsylvania's cyber schools are funded by you, the taxpayer. The difference? Cyber schools spend only about 80% of what traditional schools spend per student.

Help us defend cyber schools from arbitrary cuts in funding and keep 32,000 kids like Hannah and Alyssa learning.